Waste - Transfer Station

As all municipal dumps are now closed, we offer the only waste disposal facility within the area.

Benjamin Younge is our resident waste consultant.  Any questions or concerns you have with regards to household, commercial or industrial waste should be directed to Shelby at

The Pontiac Waste Transfer Station is located at C384 on the 7th Concession road, just outside of Shawville.

Pontiac Transfer Station
C384 7th Concession, Shawville, QC

Hours of Operation


Price List
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  • No change to regular residential curbside pick-up.
  • Other household or commercial waste will be accepted during business hours and will be charged by weight (refer to pricing table).


  • Residents required to drop off waste at Pontiac Transfer Station.
  • Specific garbage bags supplied to homeowner for waste and/or recycling (not mixed in the same bag).

Clarendon Residents

We are happy to provide Clarendon residents with their own section at the Pontiac Transfer Station.

We also have Clarendon bags available for purchase at the Transfer Station.

Photo of the section provided for Clarendon residents

All Other Municipalities

  • Residents are encouraged to contact their municipal office for all information regarding the waste plan for their municipality (site location, hours of operation, etc.).

Other Services offered through Pontiac Transfer Station

  • Garbage and recycle pick-up at businesses throughout the Pontiac
  • Roll-off service throughout the Pontiac for residents and contractors