Recycling Information

The Recycling Guy

As a community we all agree that increasing our rate of recycling is critical in promoting sustainable development. Unfortunately, this does come at a cost. Processing fees for recycling are much higher than disposal fees for garbage (almost double on a per tonne basis).

When improper recycling occurs (due to the presence of garbage or dirty material) processing fees are increased and large portions of the load of recyclables get rejected due to contamination. As a result this material consequentially still makes its way to a landfill, however at a much higher expense.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Recycling Information (PDF)



The working relationship from the Municipality’s perspective is good. As well as managing the physical recycling materials, Tom Orr Cartage also does the paperwork. The employees are friendly and concerns can often be solved over the phone.

Municipality of Clarendon